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Contract Development and Manufacturing


A CDMO or Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization is a contractual company that provides services like drug development and drug manufacturing in the healthcare industry. This allows pharmaceutical companies to bring better products and to respond to the competitive international nature of the pharmaceutical market.




With the growing number of development in biopharmaceutical products, VacciXcell offers a novel Tide Motion technology which is the world’s only patented single-use, linearly scalable, bioprocessing method. Tide motion technology derived its name from the cyclical low and high tide experienced by bodies of water here on earth. Similarly, tide motion uses this upward and downward liquid flow to provide both oxygen and nutrients to the adherent cells being cultured. This method includes close automated cell harvesting for seed preparation (0.1L packed bed volume) to production (5,000L packed bed volume - bioequivalence of 50,000 liters in suspension) all in the same 3D tide motion.

Bioreactors are configured to run in batch, perfusion or continuous mode and employ Tide Motion principle for bioprocessing which has the highest Kla of any bioprocess method present globally. The zero shear stress bioprocessing method allows the user to achieve cell densities for Vero cells up to 1.2x10^8 cells/mL.


In addition to this, it allows stem cells to maintain its cell shape and characteristics similar to in vivo-like conditions. Stem cells also maintain their pluripotency to differentiate into three lineages of chondrocytes, adipocytes, and osteocytes. The stem cells were then tested on mice that showed lack of tumorigenicity.



Upstream Processing

Downstream Processing

Process Development

Process Analytical Techniques and Downstream design (based on upstream whole cell protein, DNA Debris)


Process Evaluation and Validation

Formulation (with optional Freeze Drying)

Technology Transfer

  • Microcarriers to Tide Motion
  • Packed bed bioreactors to Tide Motion
  • Roller Bottles to Tide Motion
  • Egg based production to Tide Motion
  • 2D culture to 3D Tide Motion







Sterility Testing

Yields and Economic Comparability

  • Microcarriers to BioNoc II
  • Cost Comparison



Custom Adherent BioNoc II Carriers for specific cell lines or viruses



MCB/ MWCB Generation and Characterization



MSC Differentiation and Exosomes Derivation



Media Development, Optimization and Adaptation

  • Adapting cell lines to xeno/serum free media.
  • Adapting cell lines to 3D culture
  • Custom media services
  • Conditioned media



cGMP and R&D Production of Vaccines, Viruses, Viral Vectors Constructs, VLPs, Stem Cells, Biosimilars and Biobetters, Monoclonal Antibodies and Recombinant Proteins



Clinical and cGMP Commercial Manufacturing



Dedicated Project Management



It is evident that Esco Aster’s scientific team have vast experience in culturing more than 40 adherent cell lines for various organizations from R&D to Clinical and Commercial Organizations. The scientific team have experience in culturing large molecules delivering viruses, whole cells, immortal cell lines for continuous secretion of recombinant proteins via nutrient starvation and monoclonal antibodies.


Esco Aster works with partner companies that are utilizing VacciXcell’s Tide Motion Platform to provide CDMO services for them in the Far East allowing them to gain market access into the region. Aster BioPharma also works with top academic institutes to translate research into clinical products and provide custom services to start ups and large-scale biotechnology companies.

CDMO services running on Esco's VacciXcell are now provided by Esco Aster Pte. Ltd. operating in #03-20, 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139951.