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About Esco Aster

Esco Aster is a contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) focusing on offering vaccine-, bio-, cell- and gene-therapy development manufacturing services using primarily its proprietary Adherent Tide Motion Platform supplemented by single use suspension and fermentation, downstream bioprocessing and custom bioengineering equipment for client specific therapeutics.

Within the in vitro/in vivo Dx space we focus on developing Mab based antigens, single domain antibodies for radioimaging, rt pcr reagents, rcl diagnostics. We work with collaborators to provide turnkey mobile Dx labs Aster Xpress.

Within the chem- biopolymer- cosmetic, personal care, cosmeceutical- segments, we excel in converting batch processes into continuous flow chemistry, closed aseptic processing within isolators and variety of skin safety/efficacy testing services.

For the Covid-19 Pandemic we are working on an end to end trace, test and treat platform from swab booths, to mobile labs, turnkey modular screening and treatment centres with isolation rooms as well as working on Dx, Therapeutics and vaccines.