Esco is committed to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic through its ‘trace, test, and treat’ platform which promotes worldwide eradication of the virus.

In its trace stage, Esco designed and created two COVID-19 booths: Mass Screening Swab Booth™ (MSSB™) and the Infectious Disease Diagnostic Sampling Booth™ (IDDSB™) with the goal of diagnosing a number of asymptomatic and symptomatic Persons Under Investigation/Monitoring (PUI/PUM), respectively, in a short span of time while eliminating the risk of front-liners contracting the virus.

With the booths' programmed pressurization (MSSB™: +ve for HCW and -ve for PUI booth; and for IDDSB™: -ve), strict airflow regime partnered with stringent SOPs, Esco guarantees a safe and efficient mass diagnosing in each community to prevent further spread of the virus.