Streamline Swab Booth™ (SSB™)

Mass Screening Swab Booth™

This booth is designed for the safe and efficient testing of persons under investigation (PUI) and persons under monitoring (PUM) with COVID-19 like symptoms.

It comes either as a positive or negative single booth that can be utilized either indoors or outdoors. It can be configured to be IP55 rated (minimum) but the client must select it at the time of purchase.

Streamline swab booths are constructed with a powder coated EG steel exterior. The coat* it utilizes is Esco ISOCIDE™ which is impregnated with a proprietary chemical for antimicrobial effect. This coating can also withstand disinfection/biodecontamination processes.
*The same coating is used in our Biological Safety Cabinets and other laboratory / biotechnology equipment, hence, its efficiency has been tested by various Pharma/Biopharma institutions.

Four (4) units of SSB™ fit inside a 20ft container equipped with a working space and storage medial refrigerators.