Why Choose Tidemotion

Why Use Tide Motion?

  • Large Surface Area - 5.5g of carrier is already equivalent to 15,600cm2 of surface area available for cell proliferation
  • High Productivity - 5.5g of carrier is able to culture up to 5x109cells
  • Low Downstream Processing Cost - cells are fixed within proprietary BioNOCII macrocarriers and are separated from the media. This makes cell harvesting much easier since it is already pre-separated from media and other cell debris. In the case that the desired product is contained within the media, cells can be left within the macrocarrier while the media is harvested.
  • No Oxygen Limitation - Double oxygenation action provides cells with ample oxygen regardless of the bioreactor scale. Tidemotion provides both direct oxygenation and oxygenation through dissolved oxygen in the media
  • Extremely Low Shear Stress - Gentle upward and downward motion provides nutrients and oxygen to cells without applying shear stress
  • No Bubbling, No Foaming - Tidemotion bioreactors use separate vessels for culturing and stirring thus isolating the cells being cultured from any form of bubbling or foaming

Why Choose TideCell®?

  • 3D In-vivo-like Culture Environment - mimics the in-vivo environment of cells, allowing cell-to-cell contact and a large surface to footprint ratio for culturing cells.
  • True Linear Scalability - Same parameters are used from 0.1L lab scale all the way up to 5,000L production scale, eliminating lengthy developmental processes and parameter optimization.
  • Difficult Viruses - Parameters such as temperature, pH and oxygen levels are automatically monitored and adjusted to cater to specific virus requirements. TideCell® also has extremely low shear stress for stress sensitive viruses and is capable of harvesting using an automated harvesting system for non-secreted viruses
  • Isolator Capability - TideCell® can be easily integrated inside an isolator in case the application requires BSL3/4 environment