Technology Vaccixcell

Batch Culture

In batch culture, the tide system will have 2 separate vessels namely the matrix vessel, which contains the matrix bed, and the mixing vessel, which acts as the culture media reservoir. This configuration allows homogenization of the culture media without disturbing the cells inside the matrix bed.

Tide system has two (2) phases: Nutrition Phase and Aeration Phase

During nutrition phase, the media from the mixing vessel is pumped into the matrix vessel thus submerging the matrix bed and providing nutrition to the cultured cells.

During aeration phase, the culture media is pumped out of the matrix vessel into the mixing vessel, allowing direct oxygenation of the cells within the matrix bed and homogenization of the culture media inside the mixing vessel.

Due to the nature of having two separate tanks, 100% media exchange can be done by simply switching mixing vessels in aeration configuration. All connections must be done under a BSC/cleanroom to ensure sterility.