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BioNOC Sampling for Process Development

Tide motion systems, through the use of BioNOC II macrocarriers, allow individual carrier sampling for PAT/IPQC purposes. Cell counting can be done by sampling individual BioNOC II and staining it with crystal violet dye (CVD). This process can be done with a few simple steps:

  1. Randomly pick 6 carriers using a sterilized forceps and place them on a sterilized petri dish.

  2. Place two carriers in one vial.

  3. Vortex each vial for 60 sec.

  4. Place vials into a 37℃ incubator for 1 hour. Vortex several times during incubation.

  5. Dilute samples with PBS to a countable range

  6. Vortex vials and pipette 10ul diluted CVD solution for counting. Place the plate under a phase contrast microscope and count the nucleus (will be shown in bright purple colors)