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Closed Cell Harvesting

Closed Cell Harvesting

TideXcell™ Harvesting System (TXLHS) is a powerful and automated system for harvesting viable cells from 2L to 20L TideXcell™ bioreactors. Being a closed system, it is perfect for harvesting seed cells for scaling up without having to worry about contamination. The system is capable of harvesting up to 1011 cells within 3 hours of operation

TideXcell™ Cell Harvesting System has a recovery rate of up to 90%

TXHLS™ utilizes the same as conventional cell harvest concept by enzymatic treatment that could detach cells from attached substrates. It uses conventional solutions and processes for cell harvesting and automates it

TXHLS™ has six (6) peristaltic pumps that automatically supplies and removes solutions into and from the matrix vessel as required in the harvesting procedure.

The TXHLS™ has the following processes:

  1. Rinse - Rinse the matrixes with PBS or equivalent solution to remove serum that could inhibit enzymatic activity in the following step.


  2. Enzymatic Detachment – Pump in trypsin or equivalent solution (Tryple Select) to detach cells from the matrix.


  3. Inhibitor – Pump in inhibitors to stop the enzymatic reaction


  4. Detachment - Automatically shake the matrix vessel at a preset force and duration


  5. Harvesting - Pump in culture media while shaking and rolling the matrix vessel to loosen cells from the matrix. Pump out the media with suspended cells to harvest tank



Automatic Matrix Vessel Roller and Shaker