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GlucCell™ Glucose Meter

Complementing the already versatile tide motion system is an equally innovative glucose meter, GlucCell™. GlucCell™ is a low-cost glucose monitoring system specially designed to facilitate the measurement of glucose and is ideal for PAT/IPQC purposes. It is intended for use by laboratory researchers and bioprocessing professionals to obtain a quantitative measurement of glucose specifically in cell culture applications.

GlucCell™ Glucose Monitoring System

GlucCell™ is a complete package with a portable meter and disposable test strips suitable for glucose measurement of both serum and serum-free culture media. It can be used for both mammalian and insect cell culture. The meter weighs only 70g and fits perfectly in a side pocket. GlucCell’s small and compact size allows measurements to be done right next to the culturing device (i.e. bioreactors, fermenters). It is also small enough to work comfortably under a biosafety cabinet. The portable design and interface of the GlucCell™ meter is very intuitive, making it easy to use with minimal to no learning curve. The meter can store up to 180 test results with corresponding time and date, making recording of important data convenient and effective.

Disposable Glucose Test Strip

The specially designed glucose test strip requires as little as 3uL of sample volume of culture media in order to accurately analyze the glucose concentration. A minute glucose sample allow users to maintain the culture media cost to a minimum while being assured that the glucose concentration is being properly monitored. In addition, requiring only a small amount of culture media sample means that the disturbance of the culture environment would be minimal. Furthermore, it is not even necessary to separate the cells from the medium before testing, making the process even more user friendly.

Unlike the desktop biochemical analyzers that requires a few minutes to produce a numerical, actionable result, the GlucCell™ meter boast of being able to measure and display the result within just 15 seconds, ensuring minimal process and decision making delay for end users. In addition, it has a large LCD display for easy reading of results.

Correlation Graph of GlucCell™ vs Biochemical Analyzers

The accuracy is independent with the ingredients and components of either serum-containing or serum-free culture medium. GlucCell™ Glucose Monitoring System is capable of achieving results greater than 90% accuracy, 95% precision and 0.9997 linearity. Moreover, the result is 99.5% correlated with other expensive biochemical analyzers.