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Macrocarrier (BioNOC II)

Acting as the packed bed component of the tide motion system is the BioNOC™ II, which is a 100% PET fibrous culture matrix with stability of up to 5 years.

BioNOC™ II Macrocarrier

Actual photo of BioNOC™ II


These macrocarriers provide cells with a large surface area for attachment and growth and 3D matrix that closely mimics a cell's in vivo environment.

Microscopic view: cell attached to BioNOC™ II


Furthermore, the efficient oxygenation and nutrition exchange in the matrix vessel and protection of cells from shear stress allows cells to proliferate well and produce high yields of bioproducts.

Illustration of how cells are situated within BioNOC™ II


The BioNOC™ II macrocarriers also have very low fibre content as compared to other macrocarrers thereby eliminating otherwise necessary downstream processing steps

Comparison of BioNOC™ II lint content