Technology Vaccixcell

Single-use and Multiple-Use Vessels

Tide motion systems can be used with multiple-use and single-use matrix vessels. Multiple use vessels are glass vessels that can be re-used. They are autoclavable and must be refilled with fresh BioNOC II carriers before autoclaving in preparation for the next use.

Multiple-use matrix vessel with BioNOC II


Matrix Vessel (Single-Use)

Single-use matrix vessels are gamma-irradiated, ready-to-use, and are pre-packed with BioNOC™ II macrocarrier, the amount of which depends on the client’s requirement. Single-use matrix vessels feature patent pending closed sampling ports, which consists of a basket immersed within the matrix vessel and connected to the sampling port tube on the lid of the matrix vessel. During sampling, a cord in the sampling port is pulled, bringing along with it the small basket of carriers. Once the basket is out of the matrix vessel, the sampling port tube is sealed to prevent contamination. This allows in-process QC without the risk of contamination and allows cytopathic effect (CPE) to be monitored. Sampling ports can be placed in different parts of the packed bed to allow determination of CPE and better bioprocessing in-process quality control.

Single-Use Matrix Vessel with closed sampling ports


Recirculation Thermostatic (Single-Use Bag) Mixing System

Recirculation thermostatic mixing system is designed for relatively larger scale production. Recirculation mixing system consists of a rectangular stainless steel vessel, which holds a disposable mixing bag. Each side wall of vessel has thermostatic panel to make temperature regulation faster. Internal experiment proves that heating up 100 to 500 L of media from 20°C to 37°C will take less than 4 hours.

Mixing system for Single-use mixing bag

Single-use mixing bag being prepared

The recirculation thermostatic mixing system uses a magnet-driven impeller, allowing mixing without housing contact and bearing, which may be a source of contamination. The magnetic pump head is single-use and is directly mounted to the motor. pH, DO and temperature probes are located in the probe holders on the side wall and can be autoclaved and reused. Installation and removal of the mixing bag from the vessel, can be done using the side door.

Thermostatic recirculation technology


Stir Tank (Multiple-Use) Mixing System

Stir Tank mixing system is a multiple-use stainless steel mixing tank for pilot/production scale. This mixing system is similar to a stirred tank bioreactor, wherein the culture medium is continuously stirred by an impeller and parameters such as dissolved oxygen, temperature and pH are monitored and regulated.

Multiple-use missing tank

The Stir Tank Mixing System hasa built-in automated Sterilization-In-Place (SIP) system, allowing individual sterilization of the mixing tank and the culture medium.

Sterilization option (left) sterilization-in-place parameters (right)