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Tide Motion Scalability

Scaling up Adherent cells in Tide Motion

Esco Aster's Tide Motion System is the only truly linearly scalable system from laboratory scale to production scale. It employs the same culture principle from seed preparation using the CelCradle™ System to succeeding larger scale TideXcell Systems, all the way to TideXcell 100 L.

From Lab Scale to Production Scale


It also features the TideXcell Cell Harvesting System, which facilitates in the automated and closed system cell harvesting and seed transfer from one TideXcell System to another. True linear scalability allows faster and easier technology transfer from R&D to production scale with minimal bioprocessing time.

It is a gentle giant! Despite being the largest packed bed bioreactor (5,000 liters), it is truly linearly scalable and has the lowest downstream costs and bioprocess development time, as compared to other bioprocessing methods.

The key to being truly linearly scalable of the tide motion lies in having the highest kLa. kLa (volumetric mass-transfer coefficient) is the rate wherein oxygen is delivery to the bioreactor system. Tide motion system’s dual oxygenation feature allows an unlimited oxygen supply to the whole packed bed system

The dual oxygenation system is done by using exposing the packed bed directly to air while at the same time also dissolving oxygen in the media reservoir. This then gives both ends of the packed bed bioreactor ample oxygen as compared to gradient supply as experienced in other packed bed systems.