Technology Vaccixcell

TideXcell™ Pilot/Production Scale

TideXcell is the only bioreactor that has truly broken the adherent scale up barrier, enabling adherent scale up to 5,000 L! Esco Aster has various 100 liter packed bed bioreactors that are currently being used for commercial production for both human and animal vaccines.

TideXcell 2L with PC controller (left) TideXcell 100L with PLC controller (right)

The TideXcell System is comprised of the TideXcell Control and Incubation unit, which houses the matrix vessel, and the TideXcell Mixing unit, which holds the mixing bag/vessel for the culture medium. Cells attach to and grow in the BioNOC™ II carriers placed in the matrix vessel, while culture medium is pneumatically pumped in to the matrix vessel from the mixing tank and back.


When the matrix vessel is filled with culture medium, cells are exposed to nutrients. On the other hand, when culture medium is pumped back to the mixing tank, cells are aerated and O2-CO2 air exchange occurs. In this way, cells are alternately exposed to nutrition and aeration, similar to the roller bottle principle and also mimicking respiration in animals, which is the most nature and gentle way to grow cells.


Tide Motion in TideXcell

In addition to the incubation and mixing units, optional harvest and feed tanks can be connected to the TideXcell System in order to run the system in perfusion/continuous culture.