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VXL™ Hybrid Bioreactor - R&D scale bioreactor

The VXL™ Hybrid Reactor is a laboratory scale bioreactor system that supports both the growth of suspension and adherent cells. It can do four types of culture namely: adherent culture using macrocarrier, adherent culture using microcarrier, suspension culture and fermentation.


VXL™ Hybrid Bioreactor


Since some cell lines can be cultured in either adherent or suspension mode, Hybrid bioreactor is best used to determine how a specific cell line would perform under different culture processes. By doing so, the whole bioprocessing project can be optimized right from the start.

It applies the tide motion principle for adherent culture and stir principle for suspension culture. The VXL™ Hybrid Reactor is ideal for biopharmaceutical companies who are in the initial stages of research and development and are looking to determine the effectiveness, productivity and feasibility of the mammalian cells, whether as suspended or adherent cells.


Adherent culture using tide motion (left) suspension culture and fermentation using stir principle (right)


Changing between adherent and suspension culture is quick and easy. During adherent culture, the matrix basket is used to house the macrocarriers and uses the tide motion principle. To switch to suspension culture, all that needs to be done is to remove the basket and replace with a baffle and type impeller and it is ready to go.


Matrix basket for adherent culture (left) Baffle for suspension culture (right)