Cultivation of Vero Cells to High Cell Densities for Human Influenza Vaccine Production


Annual vaccination is an effective method to prevent influenza infection. However, catering to the need of influenza vaccines in developing countries faces many challenges. Timely production and deployment of influenza vaccines is required in non-vaccine producing countries. We focus on the rapid development of influenza vaccine with the goal of generating a perfect bioprocessing solution as an alternative to chicken eggs that can aid to speed up the manufacturing process.

Esco Aster focuses on high-quality, biomanufacturing of vaccines, biologics, and cell-therapy products. To enable our primary vision to help non-vaccine producing countries to be self-sufficient in manufacturing, storing, and distribution of vaccines, we recently partnered with biotech company Nuvonis (Austria) to establish efficient bioprocessing workflows. It will enable the generation of influenza virus using Nuvonis serum-free Vero cell banks. We demonstrate that the Tide Motion manufacturing platform, modularly integrated with Esco Cell Processing Isolator, helps to localize vaccine production, making it more affordable – in terms of CAPEX & OPEX – for developing countries.