Tangential Flow Filtration System Based on Polymer Hollow Fibers


Esco Aster, CDMO organisation focused on cGMP compliant up- and downstream manufacturing process development, has incorporated TFF system as a first downstream clarification/purification step in different pipelines such as MSC cells, extracellular vesicles, viruses and polymer-based nanoparticles.

In this work we evaluate the performance of TFF systems that utilise polymer hollow fibres (HF) in the isolation and purification of large volumes of exosomes from bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BM-MSC) by:

  • Controlling shear rates below 3000 s-1.

  • Investigating the optimal concentration factor that allows the highest yield recovery of exosomes while preserving their biological activity.

  • Additionally we propose a cGMP compliance strategy that enables the production of exosomes in concentrations required to achieve biological outcomes in clinical studies. .

The bioactive ingredients present in the waste media (permeate media) are of great interest in other applications. We also propose a strategy to harvest these key components in the media with the use of TFF. The stability of the bioactive substances can be preserved by encapsulation with biocompatible polymers, which can be then applied in skincare cosmetics.