Tide Motion®: An Adherent and Scalable Platform for the Production of Viral Vectors


Viral vectors such as adeno-associated virus (AAV), lentivirus (LV), and retrovirus (RV) are the most commonly used delivery vehicles for gene therapy applications. Current methods of viral vector production have low yields and are limited in terms of their scalability. Protocols to produce viral vectors are largely empirical and the processes generally not well-characterized. These process vulnerabilities translate into high costs for commercially marketed gene therapies.

Esco Aster has developed the TideMotion® Bioreactors for scalable culture of adherent cells. Esco Aster has also established a robust and scalable platform with the flexibility to produce any viral vector-of-choice. For illustration, we present in this poster the upstream portion of 3rd generation lentivirus on the TideMotion® Platform.

Esco ASter provides upstream and downstream process develpoment services for viral vectors production using the TideMotion® Platform.