Veterinary Vaccine Production


The global animal vaccine market is estimated to surpass USD 9 Billion by 2025 according to Global Market Insights Inc. due a reduction in annual meat production in established countries which in turn is a result of the prevailing livestock diseases. The maintenance of livestock, amidst various food- borne zoonotic diseases, poses a serious challenge to the meat production economies. A case in point is China having recently reported an outbreak of the deadly African swine fever in large pig farms. The increase in prevalence of food - borne zoonotic diseases catalyses the worldwide demand of veterinary vaccines as the whole meat roductionsupply chain tends to be disrupted, resulting in an abrupt culling of “infected” animals..

With an aim of ensuring a reliability of vaccine supply and immunisation, we herein introduce the means of achieving high-cell density working cell bank culture (HD WCB) to support scalable production of Veterinary vaccines using TideMotion™ Bioreactors.